Beaufort Liquidation's newest and largest facility, is located at 5 Parker Drive, in Beaufort South Carolina. This is perhaps the most unique liquidation facility in the Country. The main building serves as our discount retail store, offering a huge selection of anything you can think of from a Ferrari to a flashlight, at half the original cost.    

Saturdays, The Lowcountry Flea-Market is the hottest spot in town. If you're a treasure hunter, this is the place to be, with, live music, great food and over 200 vendors.
Table rentals are just $5.00 each if you would like to clean out the garage. The market sells out frequently, so we recommend booking your tables early.

Our warehouse houses hundreds of pallets of customer returns, shelf pulled products and .com abandoned order merchandise. We have knowledgeable staff that can help you select a pallet of products to resell on Ebay, Craigslist, or even right here at the Lowcountry Flea Market.

Our auctions are some of the most anticipated auctions in the South. We bring in twenty truckloads of raw, unsorted merchandise from America's largest retailers and auction off pallets of goods with no reserve, right off the truck!

This winning combination of retail, wholesale , flea-market and auctions, has made us the focus of a cable reality show, currently in production

You didn't think we would stop there did you?... stay tuned for information on some exciting concerts being booked to perform in our fantastic new facility.