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Below You Will Find A General Description Of Various Loads. Stores Are Listed By "CODE NUMBERS", If You Are Not Familiar With The Code System, Call Us And We Will Fax You A Listing.


FOB's: Grove City, Ohio - McDonough, Georgia - Woodland, California

MANIFESTED?, Yes, but manifest goes with truck. We cannot get them up front, prior to purchase.

ELECTRONICS: Can contain: TV's, VCR's, home stereo's, CD Players, radios, car stereos, computer accessories, printers, vaccums, small appliances, microwaves, telephones, cordless phones, cables, wires, headphones, satellite dishes, boom boxes, cellular phones, etc. Note: Our experience has been that there is not usually a large quantity of TV's and VCR's but a good quantity of telephones and stereo products.

Comes two ways:

(Y) Loads are typically heavy in THEIR BRAND products, such as vacuums, microwaves, sewing machines, etc. You can also see regular electronics in a (Y) Load. Many times, when an item is returned without the original box or it just won't scan .. they dump them into the (Y) Loads. Since they don't have numbers to go by, they tend to group 20 or more of them together and give them all a generic wholesale value. (Usually between $10 - $80) This is where you will sometimes find your amazing bargains! We've gotten Bose Speaker Systems, AIWA Rack Stereo Systems, etc., with a ridiculously low wholesale value. No guarantees you'll get anything like this but if you do, it will show up on your manifest as DEFAULT SALVAGE or GENERIC SALVAGE.

(N) Loads are normally Name Brand Electronics and Small Appliances. Usually heavier on phones and stereo equipment. Could also see computers and accessories, vacuums, microwaves, faxes, cameras, electronic games, DVD players and discs, VCRs and tapes, movies, video cameras and equipment, computer peripherals, etc. Expect a fair share of cables, connectors, batteries, etc. Typical mix is about 75 % Consumer Electronics / 25 % Appliances. I have also seen THEIR BRAND products in this load, although you're not supposed to in this category. Goes back to the "nothing written in stone" clause.

Also good to note with ANY STORE'S ELECTRONICS LOADS: If it takes a battery, they'll probably consider it Electronics ... even if it's a stuffed animal that barks. Granted, you'll also see these in their toys loads but don't be surprised to get some in the electronics loads too.

HARDGOODS: Can consist of THEIR FAMOUS BRAND of air tools, electric tools, hand trucks, tool boxes, etc. Usually see larger items as opposed to small hand tools. We’ve seen circular saws, bench grinders, air compressors, lawn mowers, etc..

Breakdown: Approx. 70% tools, 30% THESE ARE FAMOUS BRAND small appliances, vacuums, microwaves, vcr's etc.

Available two ways: (D) Means Defaced for Domestic Sale. This means that THEIR BRAND names have been removed or defaced in some way so that the products cannot be returned again.

(E) means Export Only. These loads are not defaced and MUST leave the country. Proper export documention is required to purchase these loads.
NO EXCEPTIONS. Recently, they have not even allowed these loads to go into Mexico or Canada because the product keeps making its way back across the border UN-DEFACED. We'll keep you posted if things change.

HARDWARE: Can contain: Domestic tools (Makita, Dewalt, Milwaukee, Black & Decker), ceiling fans, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, bar b q, patio furniture, general hardware, home improvement, seasonal items and closeouts. This category is used by STORE # 2 to move various products, not necessarily coinciding with the term Hardware.

It is as close to a General Merchandise load as STORE # 2 has to offer. If they decide to discontinue carrying a product or an entire product line from one vendor, you will probably see it in this category. When that occurs, it usually means Shelf-Pulls .. sometimes even Case Lots. This normally works out just fine .. unless they decide they no longer want to carry Left Nostril Inhalers or something obscure like that. It could happen.

In January we sell these Hardware loads as CHRISTMAS LOADS because this is where they dump all of their seasonal items. Lights, trees, ornaments, gift items, decorations .. you name it .. we've seen it. BUT .. it's cheap and worth the money if you have a place to move it or store it. Sometimes they'll start putting Christmas in as early as November. If we hear of this we'll keep you posted. Nothing wrong with a little Christmas BEFORE Christmas. We call that "Good Timing".

SPORTS, TOYS & INFANTS: 3 Sub-Categories combined into one category. Can consist of general sporting goods, hunting, camping, fishing, exercise equipment, licensed apparel, bicycles, Power Wheel cars, video games & machines such as Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox, Sega , general toys, strollers, car seats, cribs, baby monitors, walkers, diaper pails, etc. Usually a mixture of all 3 or these sub-categories although the mix will vary from load to load. We have no way of knowing.

This load and the Hardware load can be combined to make very nice General Merchandise pallets at your facility. Throw a little "Y" Electronics into the mix and you've just made a very well rounded pallet. We have many buyers who bring a small lot of each into their facilities and re-work them into General Merchandise Pallets for their local Flea-Marketers. They are VERY popular as they are a good money-maker for you and yet, still a good profit opportunity for your buyers as well.

DRAPES/BLINDS: This category usually has good value. You will see drapes, venetian blinds, verticles, curtains, valances, etc. Many times they are loaded with New Shelf Pulls. Other times it can look like the after-effects of a hurricane.

SOFTGOODS: Consists of THEIR OWN BRANDS of men's, women's and children's clothing and domestic items.

Usual breakdown: Approx. 80% clothing / 20% domestics. Domestics can contain: sheets, towels, pillows, comforters, quilts, shams, dust ruffles, shower curtains, luggage, women's accessories, purses, belts, costume jewelry.

NATIONAL BRANDS: Consists of approximately 75% national brand men's and women's clothing, 25% domestics. Percentages will vary. Example: Levi's, Lee, Dockers. Domestic can contain luggage. They've been known to miss-sort some non-name brands into these loads. We have no recourse if this happens. Not usually a high percentage of this, though, so you shouldn't worry about it.

Various High-End Stores
FOB's: Cherry Hill, NJ - Los Angeles, CA
A quick word about Name Brand Clothing Returns. Most of this clothing has to be DEFACED by the Return Center before they can sell it to us. Normally, this means they do something to the label so that a retail location can tell it's been returned before and doesn't take it back again.

This defacing can be as simple as a black marker through the label; the necktag is sliced but still legible; the necktag is removed completely; or in extreme cases (like GAP), all references to their name are removed. I've seen jeans with their pocket labels cut out, rendering the pants useless. It happens. Most of the time, the defacing is tactful .. but just be aware of the other possibilities .... because we have NO recourse if you get some like this.

WOMENS RTW: RTW means “Ready to Wear”. Usually contains ALL NAME BRAND CLOTHING including: Liz Claiborne, Jones of New York, Kane, Kaspar, Emma James, XOXO, Bill Blass, Impressions, Alfred Dunner, Norton McNaughton, At Last, Levi Strauss, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Younique, Paris Blues, Lei, Susan Bristol, Ralph Lauren, Nautica, City Limits, French Curve, Rene Rowan, Innovation, Erika, CEE Klein, Nine West, Charter Club and many more!
MENS RTW: RTW means “Ready to Wear” . Usually contains ALL NAME BRAND CLOTHING like: Ralph Lauren, Charter Club, Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, Calvin Klein etc.
CHILDS RTW: RTW means “Ready to Wear” . Usually contains ALL NAME BRAND CLOTHING including: Oshkosh, Carters, Lee, etc. Large variety of ages and sizes.
DOMESTICS: Consists of sheets, towels, pillows, comforters, quilts, shams, dust ruffles, shower curtains, etc. Top name brands included such as Ralph Lauren, Charter Club, etc. Can also have window treatments and blinds.
HOUSEWARES: NUMBER ONE SELLER!!! Usually consists of cookware, utensils, small appliances, knock down furniture, exercise equipment, luggage. Brand names such as: Tools of the Trade, Henkel, Farberware, etc.
TABLE TOPS, GIFTS & LUGGAGE: (Lots of Luggage and lamps): This consists mostly of top name luggage, lamps and gift items. Can also see home decor type items (wall hangings, clocks, etc.)
FASHION: Usually Contains: handbags, purses, belts, jewelry, leather items and accessories. Predominantly womens but might see some Men's Accessories too. Can will also see Women's Intimatewear & lingerie such as Victoria’s Secret.
COSTUME JEWELRY: Don’t let the name fool you. It is not uncommon to see “High Quality” REAL jewelry in these loads. I've seen some decent gold plate, stirling silver, real gemstones, etc.

Expect all types of jewelry: earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, pins, etc. There are also watches, many of which are decent name brands.

Be prepared, however, for some initial shock when you first see it as the items are packed individually in plastic bags with big Defective/Return tags on each. Looks like a mess until you really start digging into it. A typical lot is approximately 4 - 6 cartons on one pallet. Can be shipped UPS.

Popular Mall Chain
FOB's: Elk Grove, IL - Reno, NV
APPAREL: Mens/Womens/Childrens clothing - Lot's of name brands. Similar to a Store # 3 load but half the price! Comes two ways: DEFACED or NON-DEFACED.

DEFACED: Same type of defacing as described in the STORE # 3 section above. Sold in small lots of 2 - 3 LOCS. A typically sized lot can be:

2 LOCS - 1200 units - $18,000 wholesale - PRICE: $3,240 (18% of wholesale - Pcts will vary)
Usually works out to be between $2.15 - $2.95 your cost p/unit

NON-DEFACED: Just as it says .. they don't touch the tags. This is an EXPORT ONLY load, however. We can't sell it to you for domestic sale here in the states, as per Store #19. They won't even let it go into Canada or Mexico. These are usually sold in larger quantities - 15 LOCS to 40 LOCS at a time.

DOMESTICS: Sheets, comforters, quilts, bed-in-bag, towels, luggage, some window, gift items, table tops, etc. with the emphasis on bedding products.
SHOES: Incredible!!! Name Brands!!! Dress, casual, athletic, work. Nike, Reebok, Sketcher, Converse .... Beautiful leather dress shoes ... Mens/Womens/Childrens - - Great returns, some shelf-pulls, floor displays - Mostly matched pairs. I say "mostly" because some people at the return centers apparently feel that as long as they give you a right and a left of the same style, it is considered a "matched pair" if the two shoes are within one shoe size of each other. Hmmmm?

The loads I've seen contained a large portion of original boxes. It is not uncommon, however, to see some large cartons of shoes NOT in original boxes. They are paired by tying them together and thrown into the carton - 20 - 50 pair at a time. Expect both types.

SPORTS/TOYS/INFANTS: Similar to a Store # 2 lot but hardly any exercise equipment. A low piece count could mean lots of Baby Furniture. Their toys tend to be a wider spectrum than the Store # 2 toys, mainly because they put everything in: big, small, medium. If you're lucky, you'll get some Trading Card Shelf Pulls. I've seen some nice baseball cards in these lots.
WINDOW: Lots of product for a little dollar! Curtains, drapes, blinds and assorted window treatments. Gaylords (large 4' to 5' tall boxes that cover a pallet) can look a bit messy with some of the blinds pointing out in all different directions but the value should be there.
HOMEWARE: Pots & pans, small appliances, kitchenware, utensils, k/d furniture, cuckoo clocks, regular clocks, kitchen accessories, dishes, glasses, china, home decor - Gorgeous products, similar in quality to a Store # 3 load but not as High-End. Great pallets to sell by themselves or mix with other loads (like Sports/Toys/Infants) to make healthy General Merchandise pallets for wholesaling.
ELECTRONICS: Catalog sales tend to do home stereo products but you can also see computer peripherals, digital cameras, cam corders, fax machines, phones, electronics games and toys, etc. NOT TECHED or REFURBED!!! Usually sold in small quantities: 2 - 4 Lots. Sometimes heavy in electronic toys and phones.

I actually got a pallet full of scooters one time when scooters had just become popular.
(In an Electronics lot, go figure?)

Keep in mind, SALVAGE HAPPENS!
..... And there's not a damned thing we can do about it.

NON-CONVEYABLE LOAD: aka: Furniture or Non-Cons. This is a tough load to describe because it keeps changing.

Used to be a really decent furniture load. You'd get furniture mixed with housewares, hardware and home improvement. Then, for a while there, we were seeing alot of beds and mattresses. Unfortunately, they weren't complete. You'd get 100 left side bedrails but not the right. You'd get headboards but no bedrails, etc. Those were fun loads. Then we went through the carpet and rug phase. 300 - 600 carpets and rugs per trailer. Didn't leave much room for anything else.

SOLD two ways: TYPE 1 and TYPE 2. Type 1 was supposed to contain the furniture, Type 2 was supposed to be like a Store # 1 Hardgoods Load. I'm still hearing good and bad about these loads. Literally one good one and then one bad one. The bad ones are really rough .. the good ones are money makers. Not for newbies to the Returns Industry.

FOB's: Atlanta, GA - - Fogelsville, PA - - Bensonville, IL - - Sparks, NV
HARDGOODS: A GENERAL MERCHANDISE LOAD: Although it can contain anything they sold in the stores, it will primarily be Hargoods as opposed to Softgoods (clothing, domestics, etc.) Can consist of housewares, small appliances, Air Conditioners, bicycles, cookware, kitchenware, hunting, camping, fishing, toys, tools, electronics, lamps, knock-down furniture, gardening supplies and tools, office supplies, school supplies, stationary products, plastic containers, plastic storage containers, plastic shelving units, filing cabinets, garbage pails, hardware, home improvement, home decor, HBA, food, candy and seasonal items, etc.

They used to have a separate category called Miscellaneous which didn't have the appliances, electronics, etc. but they have since combined it into one big category. (and raised the priced dramatically) Still one of the most popular General Merchandise loads out there today. Sold at a "Price per Pallet", they can range anywhere from $169 p/pallet up to $249. Prices vary, based upon availability and facility. Pallets are typically of good size - 5' to 6' tall.

SOFT: aka: Baby Load. This is one of the toughest trailers to get. We usually have to purchase a “less desireable” trailer to get one of these. Therefore, that is how we sell it. Purchasers of Baby Trailers must also purchase the other trailer we had to buy. It will always be in the same FOB as the Baby Trailer.

Usually Consists of strollers, car seats, high chairs, cribs, monitors, baby accessories, bottles, mobiles, learning and teaching aids, silverware, clothing, domestic items (sheets, towels, comforters, pillows, etc.) small percentage of jewelry and watches are sometimes included. You might even see diapers. If they need to move toys, you'll see some in there too.

FASHION This is basically a clothing load. Consists of 80% men's, women's and children's clothing, 20% domestics and accessories. Another rare trailer. Store Brand, lower end clothing and lots of it. Good value. Can work out to be around 85 cents per unit.
M/D LOAD: Another mystery trailer with both positive and negative potential. M.D. stands for Manufacturer Destroy. These are items that are not wanted back by the vendors. They could be returns, shelf pulls, discontinued items, recalled items .. you name it.

Many vendors will give the department stores credit for these items but do NOT want them back. They don't want to lose anymore money on shipping, processing, etc. I've made more money than I've lost on these trailers but the losers were BIG losers. Got a full trailer, one time, of garden hose reels. NO hoses .. just the reels. GARBAGE!

Other times I quadrupled my money and could not believe the things they gave us: case lots of discontinued toys, appliances, electronics, knock down furniture, patio furniture. FISHING RODS AND REELS!!! That's when you say, I'd love to get another one of those!